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About Green Fairy

Veronica the owner of Green Fairy has a long history in the field of all things natural. From her early teens she would experiment by making homemade remedies and cosmetic products using herbs and natural ingredients. In her spare time she attended workshops and would read up on Natural remedies and herbs.

She then went on to study Somatology, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Reflexology and Holistic therapies.

She has worked in the Spa industry in Gauteng, had her own private practice for over 6 years in Limpopo, Lectured at CAMELOT international in the Free State and then subsequently moved to Port Elizabeth with her husband and two children.

She started Green Fairy in 2017 with a desire to use natural products for her children and herself and to share her knowledge though crafting natural aromatherapy based personal care products. She is passionate about the environment and reducing the chemical load on the earth and in our bodies. She hopes to inspire others to use natural products in their every day lives. She believes that Plastic free and natural products will be the norm in the future but for now she wants be part of the change and not the problem.