RoseGold Butterfly Safety Razor


This Rose Gold Butterfly Safety Razor will be your favorite bathroom item, help the environment by getting a metal razor that could last you a lifetime.

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RoseGold Butterfly Safety Razor is one of the best plastic free swops. Disposable razors can not be recycled as it is made up of different types of plastic material, thus causing razors and blade cartridges to end up in land fills and our oceans, posing a health and safety threat to humans, animals and marine life. We all remember our parents and grandparents using metal razors. Why did we ever switch to plastic?
You can help your pocket and the environment by getting a Rose Gold Butterfly Safety Razor that could last you a lifetime:
  • Replacement blades are very inexpensive and will save you thousands of rands
  • The used blades can be recycled
  • A durable hard Rose gold color chrome finish
  • Will last you many years if taken care of and used sensibly
  • Razor butterfly’s open when you turn the dial at the bottom

Clean it with an old toothbrush, water and soap from time to time to avoid the buildup of detergents and ensure smooth action.

What you get:
  1. Silver Safety Razor with butterfly head
  2. Travel/Storage Case with Mirror
  3. Set of trial blades

To see a more in-depth video as to how the razor works and how to use it click HERE