Starry Night Soap Slice


Starry Night Sky in the Mountains 🗻

☁️Every cloud has a silver lining

☁️You are more precious than pearls

☁️The night is darkest just before dawn

☁️He knows every star by name

☁️It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

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This soap was challenging, like climbing a mountain. This soap took me a good 3 hours to make and that’s not counting the soap dough toppers, the cutting and finishing. I kept going though and I’m super pleased with the final results.

Starry Night Soap Slice has different essential oils added to each layer.
From bottom to top: Ceadarwood, Pine, Rosemary, Orange, Juniper & Peppermint.

At times things might not seem to be going your way and your thoughts may even take you to a dark place, but persevere as there are always wonderful signs everywhere showing you how loved you truly are… never stop searching!