Natural Loofah Sponge


  • Natural Loofah Sponge can be used for home and body cleaning
  •  Your sponge can be cut to size needed
  • Please note because Loofahs are a natural plant sizes and colours of the sponge will vary

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This sponge is the most environmentally friendly option to replace conventional plastic sponges. When you are done using it, it can be thrown in the compost bin. With proper care your natural loofah sponge will last for at lease 3-6months.


Your natural loofah sponge will be a useful addition to any bathroom or kitchen. It replaces your convectional washing sponges. You can cut your loofah to size. I personally like cutting off the narrower ends to use in the kitchen and keep the fatter middle section for bathroom use. When dry the loofah can be quite abrasive, so its a perfect exfoliator or pot scrubber. When the sponge has soaked in hot water it becomes softer and more gentle. Over time the sponge will naturally become softer. Bathroom sponges tend to last longer especially if the able to dry out during uses. Kitchen sponges tend to be used more often and work harder therefore will not last as long.

What is a loofah actually?

The loofah is a vine plant that will creep along a fence or trellis. The loofah fruit looks like a cucumber and can be eaten when very young. When the loofah fruit is mature is becomes fibrous and when dried the skin is peeled off.  The mature dried and peeled fruit becomes the loofah sponge.

  • Please note because Loofahs are a natural plant sizes and colours of the sponge will vary.

Green Fairy has personally tried her hand at growing loofahs and its surprisingly easy to grow with minimal maintenance.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about the loofah plant check out the video by clicking here.