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Natural Cosmetics
Handmade Locally.

Natural and plastic free products that are good for you and the environment.

Green Fairy believes that nature has all the answers. 

Green Fairy is passionate about the environment.

Green Fairy has Vegan Conscious products 

Product Categories

Artisan Soap

Individually hand crafted soap loaves and slices.


Awaken your senses, love your body.


Indulge your skin and restore balance.


Healthier hair naturally.


Clear your space with eco living.

Limited Edition

Limited stock & one of a kind products.

Featured Products

  • Body

    Natural Healing Balm

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Veronica, the owner of Green Fairy, has a long history in the field of all things natural. From her early teens she would experiment by making homemade remedies and cosmetic products using herbs and natural ingredients. In her spare time she attended workshops and would read up on Natural remedies and herbs.

Customers reviews

  • Have mercy! I just experienced Green Fairy Detox Clay Mask 🤭

    I feel like I just created magic💚 even though I know its the power of Green Fairy. Being able to mix those little 3 scoops of powder with precious few drops of water & zaaabam I may have to take the whole day off to live in this glow.

    I’m not a pretty one, so facial regimes aren’t my favs, but over the last couple months when I make time to use my facial kit I’m uplifted all day long with those awesome hints of oils.

    But making this mask this morning was so radical 💚 I’m sure many clients experience this, but I have to say it anyway – You sprinkle a wee bit of Green Fairy power into our day, thank you ☺

  • The magnesium bath salts and scrubs not only smell incredible but are great for detox and have really helped with my muscle spasms! This is my weekly treat. Lovely products and service always with a smile

    Port Elizabeth
  • Oh I just love Green fairy products they are all absolutely amazing and one can honestly feel the magic in her work! I love that each product is hand made and they are all such a dream! Trying out these products is such a win for me because of the amazing packaging and awesome performing products… thank you for such quality and amazing customer service.

  • I just wanna share my experience of the healing balm. This is the most amazing product I have used by far. I have an 8yr old tattoo on my wrist. Few months ago, part of the tattoo skin started raising, it was really sore actually. I used other creams and ointments and nothing worked! I started using the Green Fairy Healing balm and the tattoo is back to normal, no raised skin and no dryness. I definitely recommend this product because, you know it is not mass manufactured and made with that extra love and care, all natural products! I love Green Fairy products! Thank you!

    Cape Town
  • So happy with my products and friendly service I received from Veronica, she went over and above to assist me with all my products I ordered. I would highly recommend using Green Fairy service and products

    Cape Town
  • Thank you little green fairy fingers for your lovely healing balm. This weekend my new tattoo dried out a tad too much and the tattoo ointment from tattoo parlour did not quite work its magic. Middle of the night I remembered my Green Fairy healing balm.  Sorted out the pain with just the correct  moisture balance, allowing peaceful  sleep. Three month back it also proved to be a far better than tattoo healing ointment

    Port Elizabeth
  • Green Fairy has the best service ever, and their products are amazing! 

    From the sunscreen, to the shampoo bars and the toothpaste: AMAZING!

  • Was given the shampoo bar and conditioner as a birthday gift and it was amazing! I was quite hesitant for the shampoo bar as it’s such a different approach than customary liquid shampoo and bottle packaging, but it worked like a dream and smelled so fresh and natural!

    Port Elizabeth
  • I bought the skull facial soap because it is beautiful…never planned on using it, but due to running out of facewash and being in need at the time, I used it. And I am so glad I did…it worked better than my expensive generic facewash, leaving my sensitive to dry skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized. It even removes my make-up. Better yet, I’ve been using it for two months now and it’s hardly shrunk in size…thereby saving me not only money, but time aswell. It is an amazing product!

    Port Elizabeth
  • I’ve been using the skin range and I am absolutely loving it ! Received my orb and oils today  ..so excited to use it ! I have truly appreciated your excellent customer service and approachable nature.

    East London