Essential Oil blends 5ml


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Choose your blend to use on your Orb diffuser or any other diffuser of your choice.

Blends Available:

  • Fresh and Fruity 
  • Feminine Floral
  • Clear your Head
  • Chill the F Out!

Fresh and Fruity is blended with uplifting oils like spearmint and peppermint as well as zesty, fruity citrus oils.

Feminine Floral makes you think of a beautiful flowering country garden and awakens the feminine.

Clear your Head when you feeling congested and foggy. This old is great to help treat sinusitis, head colds and headaches. It will also help to enliven your mental focus and give you clarity of thought, great for your office space or a study desk.

Chill the F Out! This blend it to help bring back calm and relax frazzled nerves. Helps with anxiety, stress, depression and sleeplessness.

Blends Available

Fresh and Fruity, Feminine Floral, Clear your Head, Chill the F Out

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